My Weight Loss Battle Update 1

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My Weight Loss Battle Update 1

So it’s been three months! Three long months of counting calories, watching every little crumb and I’ve pretty much lost 5lbs. Okay, can’t complain an awful lot as lost but still! Unfortunately, I like to see results! Getting on those scales, I want to see a loss than I can feel celebrates the week I had rejecting cake!

As per my previous post My Weight Battle I’ve done it all. So I read an article that like many diets ‘Weight Watchers’ had rebranded and I thought ‘what the hell’ let’s give it a go. Week one is going okay, trying to get into the swing of meal planning. I’ve found that I find it hard to stick to such a restricted ‘point’ system. Even with the flexible points, I find myself torturing myself if I even slightly dip into them! (I know, bad attitude).

jennifer-burk-118076-unsplash (1)My first ‘proper’ weigh in, was this morning, I say proper because I had a sneaky one yesterday! (I know I know). I find with Weight Watchers, I lose but slowly. I rarely lose more than a lb a week.

I’d like to know if I found time for the gym (and could afford it) would it make a difference? I’ve previously wasted my money with a gym membership that cost me £45 a month and I went once or twice a month, then not at all. I am much more motivated in the morning, after work I just want to chill out and relax not go and sweat it out in the gym! I also feel incredibly self-conscious surrounded by skinny beauties because no one seems to use my local gym unless they are a size 6! I know, it shouldn’t matter, but it’s hard not to look around and feel like a giant elephant as I thump away on the treadmill.

I walk! During my lunch break, I march up the road, for ten minutes and back again. It’s what I miss about working part-time for the last few years, I was walking every day for at least 40 minutes! Now, it’s impossible apart from weekends! Although, this weekend I was on fire!

So a little bit about Weight Watchers. It has recently been redesigned and is called WW Freestyle. Unlike the traditional group meetings, there is now an option for a ‘digital’ membership. I have opted for the ‘digital only’ version as it works for my lifestyle. The idea is, you start with zero point foods and then add the points as you go. Adding a little exercise for good measure. Everything you do is awarded with WellnessWins. From tracking three meals a day to your daily activity. I am liking the new layout, digital membership and its a bonus that it connects with my Fitbit!


So three months in and I’m still giving it a go. Another three months and the gym might be introduced! Anyone else currently doing Weight Watchers? Is it going well? Perhaps you struggle like me!

Thanks  for Reading…

Gem x

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